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Last century recorded fundamental changes in the way organizations work and this was driven by the desire to optimize performance and profitability. New information technology enables the ability to facilitate this revolution because it provides solution to one of the key business barriers, such as detailed information planning, organizing and controlling of allocated resources to accomplish project cost and time. Project management (PM) is the systematic planning, organizing, controlling, co-ordinating and directing allocated resources to accomplish project cost and time. The project management process starts with the project approval. It consists of sub-processes of project start, co-ordination, controlling, discontinuity, management and closed down. Projecting from this work, discoveries are targeted at the following understandings concerning; what is project management(PM), traditional methods of PM, types of PM, problems associated with PM, the benefits of using modern PM, techniques and the Design and of a computerized project management software. These project management software programs help managers monitor the daily development of a project in a systematic fashion and see to it that they are running on schedule.  I used Visual Basic (6.0) to design a computerized project management system.

Bank: GTBank
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Bank: Diamond Bank
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