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A lot of problems are associated with the traditional way of teaching mathematics because it uses manual approach to impact knowledge to student which makes it time ineffective, time wasting, and high level of energy dissipation. Also due to the calculative nature and vast scope of mathematics, some students develop loss of interest during classroom learning. Although computer aided learning of mathematics have been used in the past in the department of mathematics at Heriot- Watt University in Edinburgh in 1985 but was based on classroom lecture and was not interactive. In this new system l intend to reduce the problem student encounter during classroom learning by developing interactive tutor, which gives the student the feeling of being aided by a teacher to make learning easier, friendly and less stressful for student. Also to eliminate time wasted when educating people on mathematics. This project will use visual basic 6.0 for the implementation. This is because of its capabilities interface. It involves specifying the nature and structure of the database, the data being stored in the database and the data security measure enforced. The software is made up of set theory, algebra, and simple interest. The research methodology used helps to ensure that a thorough study of the present system is effectively carried out thus helping the project researcher to completely understand how the new system should be structured and the functionalities needed.

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