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 The present methodological test analysis process is highly dependent on the physician or medical officer in charge and hence tends to be replete with human error, especially in cases where the workload is high. It is also time-consuming and tedious since most of the recording, evaluation and documentation of the process and its results. This project aims to make the methodological test analysis (diagnostic) process more accurate, convenient and faster by computerizing the documentation, evaluation and recording of the results of this process. Previous attempts at computerization in the medical field have failed to gain wide acceptance because of the holistic approach adopted by the developers of such solutions. This work therefore offers a more specialized and streamlined approach which caters to one disease case at a time. This particular study however is limited to the methodological test analysis of the sickle cell disease and the software solution was developed using Visual Basic 6.0 programming language (for backward compatibility) and makes use of a Microsoft Access Database.

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