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Business premises and relational business activities is charged with the duty of getting data for state policy and economic formulation: Policy in terms of planning for infrastructure, good governance, access to roads and lots more, Economic formulation in terms of road construction and knowing the state’s budgets. Due to the latest development in business activities in the urban area of Enugu state; there is need for easy access to the location of companies and their clients/customers so that effective transaction will be achieved; but because of the manual method operating the existing system, problems are encountered which contributes to the delay of directory transaction using large number of complementary cards and business files within Enugu city. For the fact that individual, private and public organization have problem of visiting their customers/clients in different location for a particular purpose; it develops a problem of sorting different organization in a particular location. This project and the software developed with visual basic 6.0, aim at solving the above mentioned problems by a way of listing the relational information for business organization in a particular location in Enugu city, to solve this directory problem with ease of getting the location of organization and other necessary information at a faster and minimum cost. Chapter one is an introduction to the research topic, throwing some light on the background, purpose, objectives, scope, etc of the study. Chapter two reviews the related literature. Chapter three gives detailed information about the search methodology. Chapter four shows design and implementation. Chapter five summarizes and concludes the work.

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