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The issues that warranted this project work induces, immaturely in laboratory management of Caritas laboratory, and redundancy of data executed per students on visit to the laboratory, the programming language used in devoting this project is Visual Basic .net 6.0 that allows access to registered students data by the laboratory. Information security is a factor that is largely considered in every organisation where information management is required. The research project computer based lab management system is database management system software that enables users to manage their data effectively. It is an electronic management system that is designed with caritas medical laboratory department in mind. It has the ability to store data, process data; data stored on the system can be updated at will and can be easily retrieved thereby reducing the frequent loss of data in the centre due to manual method of data processing

Bank: GTBank
Account Name: Prince Orafu
Account Number: 0109980866

Bank: Diamond Bank
Account Name: Prince Orafu
Account Number: 0065070861

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