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The target areas for this project include, the configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance of PC,  has much as the present system of PC maintenance and learning on PC is concerned, it is manually operated and lacks efficiency speed and accuracy. It is because of these problems that the researcher developed software that will enhance a computer Aided learning on PC maintenance such as this. The efficiency of this software is dependent upon the development of a programming language that optimizes the knowledge from computer hardware maintenance. This project will use Visual Basic for the implementation. This is because of its capabilities interface. The software is made up of five submenus: file, search, learn and help. The submenus are dynamic and interactive. The research methodology used helps to ensure that a thorough study of the present system is effectively carried out thus helping the project researchers to completely understand the modus operandi of the present system so as to know how the new system should be structured and the functionalities needed.

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