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Microbiology Elementary Bacteria. Classifying microbes. Fungi. Handling microbes. Identifying microbes. Isolating microbes. Microscopy. Protozoa. Staining. Viruses. Intermediate Animal Viruses Aquatic Microbiology Bacterial Autotrophs Bacterial Genetics Bacterial Growth Bacterial Heterotrophs Bacterial Nutrition Bacterial Pathogens Bacterial Phototrophs Bacterial Physiology Bacterial Viruses Biochemical Characteristics of Bacteria Cell Division Epidemiology Geomicrobiology Growth of Microbes Host-Parasite Relationships Immunology Macrophages Microbial [...]

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The Impact Of Internal Audit On Internal Control System Of An Organization (27651)

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The Socio-Political Factors Affecting Workers’ Performance (92973)

Abstract This research work is a descriptive on the socio-political factors affecting the performances of workers of power Holding Corporation of Nigeria, Owerri District. The researcher made use of collection of primary and secondary data, readymade materials which attempted to x-ray some socio-political problems affecting the performance of power Holding Corporation of Nigeria, Owerri District [...]

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Significance Of External Auditor’s On The Examination Of Financial Statement (355970)

Abstract This study was to assess the signifi examination of financial statement of first Bank of Nigeria Plc., Enugu. The banking sector in Nigeria and elsewhere in recent times have become so diversified, challenging, highly competitive and has been characterized by persistent, fraud, errors and misappropriation of funds in the bank, the impact of which [...]

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Query online clearance system for graduating students foreign private investment student result processing system design and implementation of an online student admission system impact of inflation on economic growth in nigeria importance of international trade in nigeria result processing system international trade in nigeria pdf design and implementation of online clearance system capital formation and [...]

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The Evaluation Of Methodist Missionary Activities In Nkanuland(E5AD58)


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Leopard Sedar Senghor’s Negritude It’s Relevance To Nigerian Political Freedom (7BFC6E)

Abstract The negative influences of the advent of the advent of Europeans to Nigeria cannot be over emphasized. It had a lot of negative effects on her political, political, economy and cultural outlook. It is only a reflective and critical mind that can find out its problems and seek for workable solution to Nigeria political [...]

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Risk Factors For Breast Cancer In A Tertiary Hospital

ABSTRACT Breast cancer is the commonest site specific, malignancy affecting women and the most common cause of cancer mortality in women world wide. Our knowledge about breast cancer is evolving but it is still limited with respect to its etiology and biology and with respect to its features in individual countries and cultures. The study [...]

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