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Critique Of Innatism; An Appraisal Of John Locke’s Theory Of Knowledge (F18B08)

Abstract The question of innate idea has been a perennial problem in philosophy from the days of Plato. Hence the question has continued unabated, is knowledge completely innate or a sheer product of experience? In his own effort to resolve this issue, John Locke has argued that the mind is a “tabula rasa” like a [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Philosophy|0 Comments

Justice In John Rawls And The Condition Of The Poor In The Capitalist Society A Critical Evaluation . (F18DE0)

Abstract   This thesis is designed to make a critical evaluation of John Rawls’ approach to social justice (distributive Justice), especially as he in his books, A Theory of Justice, that there is inequality in the society and anything that will worsen the already bad condition of the poor. The pervesion of justice in the [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Philosophy|0 Comments

Philosophical Evaluation Of Charles De Montesquieu’s Theory Of Separation Of Powers Vis- A- Vis The Practice Of Delegation Of Authority (E794B5)

Abstract The theory of separation of powers, according to Charles De Montesquieu, is founded on the desire for political liberty for the citizens in a state. For this reason he advocates that the three powers of the organs of government-the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary should be manned by different persons and their functions [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Philosophy|0 Comments

A.j. Ayer And The Elimination Of Metaphysics (31BAB5)

A.J Ayer a logical positivist and indeed at all his fellow logical positivists were moved by the achievements and clarities in science and as it were, they moved to bring these achievements and clarities in science into philosophy. They believed that there are ambiguities and confusion in philosophical languages and that such ambiguities and confusions [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Philosophy|0 Comments

African Communalism And The Freedom Of The Individual A Philosophical Analysis (F939EB)

This dissertation carries out an indepth study of the traditional communal way of life of the Africans called African communalism with emphasis on the place of the individual rights and freedom within it. To achieve this objective the researcher focused attention on articulating answers to the following fundamental questions; how the African understands, interprets and [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Philosophy|0 Comments

Civil Disobedience In Mahatma Gandhi An Ethical Evaluation (414517)

The question of what constitutes civil disobedience and its justification has been a problem in philosophy. Civil disobedience has been confused with so many other acts of disobedience; like, rebellion, and revolutionary moves. Civil disobedience can be distinguished from all these acts by its appeal to conscience and its method. The question of conscience is [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Philosophy|0 Comments

Ujamaa In The Philosophy Of Julius Nyerere A Critical Analysis (F50D6D)

In the slavish imitation of an alien way of life, the African created in himself a kind of desire for western ideals, value and culture, and devaluing of things. African and thus confirmating the progress and success of the western process of dehumanization. As a result, the African has not been able to live authentically [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Philosophy|1 Comment

The Role Of Thymos In The Progress Of History In The Light Of Francis Fukuyama’s The End Of History (8ACFC4)

Human history has witnessed a course of events which some philosophers have argued is directional. While some argue that this movement is random, others have argued that it is directional and is moving towards an end: the end of history. Francis fukuyama in his book The End Of History and The Last Man argued that [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Philosophy|0 Comments

Feminism In The Philosophy Of Simone De Beauvoir A Critical Analysis (6D158D)

Feminism is one of the philosophical concepts that has raised a lot of controversies in all human societies. It is a theory, ideology and a humanistic philosophy that incorporate men and women for the upliftment and development of the society. To this end, Simone De Beauvoir, a French existentialist philosopher, applied existentialists’ ideas to the [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Philosophy|0 Comments

Critical Analysis Of The Concept Of Inductivism As A Scientific Method In J. S. Mill (455EC1)

Inductivism is the claim that induction is the basis of proper scientific inquiry. Induction holds that we can infer that what we know to be true in a particular case or cases will be true in all cases, which resemble the former in certain assignable respects. Sequel to this claim, John Stuart Mill, one of [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Philosophy|0 Comments
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