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Mass Communication

/Mass Communication

Audience Perception Of African Independent Television Programmes (05423)

Abstract This project was conducted to know the perception of African Independent Television programmes among the residents of Emene community Enugu. To achieve the purpose of this study ,literature was reviewed according to the hypotheses directing the study. Survey research design was adopted for the study. The questionnaire was the main instrument used for the [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Mass Communication|0 Comments

Influence Of ESBS Radio On Economic Empowerment (489955)

Abstract   This study is aimed at finding out hoe ESBS Radio has helped in the economic empowerment of Agbani community and to find out the possible ways to improve the economic standard of the dwellers of Agbani community. This study was based on uses and gratification theory. The researcher consulted relevant literature to raise [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Mass Communication|0 Comments

The Impact Of Government Ownership And Control Of Anambra Broadcasting Service (radio) On Media Objectivity (299397)

Abstract   Background of the Study   Mass media are very important tools of communication, through which information is passed to even the farthest end of the society. They enable us to communicate with each other by helping us to overcome the barriers of time and space. They perform both primary and secondary functions for [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Mass Communication|0 Comments

Radio As An Instrument Of Political Mobilization (70205)

Abstract This research was conducted in order to determine the role of radio in political mobilization. The objective of the study was to examine the crisis of political Participation and depoliticisation which have impeded the blossoming of democracy in the state that is Enugu State and in the country. It also examines the reason for [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Mass Communication|4 Comments

Imapct Of NTA Enugu Television Advertisement On The Mental Development Of Children (a Study Of Gold Circle) (675246)

Abstract   CHAPTER ONE   INTRODUCTION   1.1 Background of the Study   Television is incorporated within the c child‟s inner world.       In discussing about television and evolutional development of T.V, some one may wonder how television affects a child of ten to eighteen year. But it is apparent that the young [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Mass Communication|0 Comments

Influence Of News Censorship On The Performance Of Media Houses In Nigeria (490532)

Abstract   The aim of this study was to analysis the influence of News Censorship on the Performance of Media Houses in Nigeria. The aim of this study was achieved using the survey research method. Subjects were drawn from staff of Nasarawa Broadcasting service using the purposive sampling technique. Five research questions were used in [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Mass Communication|1 Comment

Selected Newspaper Editorial Page The Perception Of New Haven Enugu Audience. (A69BF5)

Abstract This study examined audience perception of editorial page in Nigerian Newspapers using New Haven district Enugu as sample. The main purpose of the study was to find out the information appeal of the editorial page on the audience and the level of importance readers attach to the page. The researcher used Selective Perception as [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Mass Communication|1 Comment

The Influence Of Advertising On Consumer Buyers Behaviour (81291)

Abstract Advertising which is defined as the activity of telling people publicly about a product, services and idea in order to persuade them to buy it. Is a very strong element used in influencing consumers of a particular product to buy or purchase the product. The spirit of advertisement is very strong and drives in [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Mass Communication|1 Comment

Impact Of Breath Away Programme-cross River Television Programme As Related To Children’s Social Behavioural Problems. (499274)

Abstract   CHAPTER ONE   INTRODUCTION   Background of the study   This chapter gives us an introduction mpacttoof theBreathawayresearch(CRBCTV) „‟I as related to children behavioral problems (A study of Yakurr Local Government Area). The mass media is the means of passing information through the use of various channels or media (television, radio, newspaper e.t.c.) [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Mass Communication|0 Comments
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