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Ofo, A Ritual Symbol In Igbo Cultural Life Using Neni As A Case Study (E917A4)

This research work is on “Ọfọ” as an essential cult symbol in Igbo cultural life using Neni as a case study. In the contemporary society, the use of “Ọfọ” is going into extinction. Therefore, this research work is derived by the enthuasim to investigate the origin of “Ọfọ”, its effects on the Igbo (Neni) people’s [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Igbo|0 Comments

An English – Igbo Translation And Documentation Of Palm Oil Production And Processing Terms (B0719B)

The Igbo speaking people are well known for Palm Oil production and processing in Nigeria. This occupation is one of the lucrative ventures among other trades or occupations for which the Igbo man express himself. With the recent technological advancement in the method of production and processing of palm oil, more English terms that do [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Igbo|0 Comments

Lexical Shift, Evidence From The Uga Speech Community Of The Inland East Igbo Dialect. (8F8A88)

Abstract This work examines lexical shift in Uga speech community of the inland East Igbo dialect. By this shift, the speech pattern which used to be the norm is gradually being replaced by other speech forms. This is analogous to dialect shift, a replacement by the dialect of a language by forms from a dominant [...]

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Nempi Traditional Democracy A Model For Nigerian Democracy (AA44A8)

Abstract Historically, Nempi traditional democracy is as old as the indigenes. When Nempi evolved from animal and fruit gathering stage and advanced to agricultural stage, it started living a communal life which was founded on a good leadership, transparency and honesty because of their fear of the unavoidable punishment from the mother earth. The above [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Igbo|0 Comments

Sacrifice In Igbo Religion Case Study Of Obinagu In Udi L.g.a. Of Enugu State (B28961)

Abstract The work studied sacrifice in Obinagu town of Udi local government area of Enugu State. The aim was to trace the general meaning of sacrifice, theories of sacrifice, types of sacrifice and sacrifice in Obinagu with a view to assessing its religio-social, political and economic contributions to the town and the society at large. [...]

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Omenxkq was the first classical meaningful Igbo novel to emerge in the annals of the developmental history of Igbo literary works. The problem of this study is that this new generation is not casting mind to life in the past due to modernaization. The objective of this study, therefore, is to bring to focus the [...]

By |September 25th, 2021|Igbo|0 Comments
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