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Chemical Engineering

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A Comparative Study Of Chemical And Microwave Synthesized Activated Carborn From Corn Cob (722265)

Abstract   1.1 BACKGROUND OF STUDY Activated carbon, also widely known as activated charcoal or activated coal is a form of carbon which has been processed to make it extremely porous and thus to have a very large surface area available for adsorption or chemical reactions (Mattson et al., 1971). The word active is sometimes [...]

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Effect Of Particle Size On Oil Yield Using Scent Bean Seed (үzakiҩ. (938329)

Abstract   This project was done to extract and characterize bean oil according to their particle sizes. The experiment was carried out using scent ‘Ijilizi’or ‘Azamu’)oils were extracted as sample by solvent extraction.The /leaching extraction using n-hexane. Proximate analysis was carried out to obtain percentage moisture content, ash content, total oil content, protein content and [...]

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Head Loses In Horizontal And Vertical Orificemeter A Comparative Evaluation And Analyses With Apllication Of Statistical Method Of (353939)

Abstract A comparative investigation was undertaken to determine the head loss coefficients for horizontally mounted and vertically mounted orifices using a Fluid mechanics and Heat transfer trainer developed in Nigeria. Experiments were carried out observing the procedure and the discharge of the flow of water was collected to obtain the volumetric flow rate and also [...]

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The Effect Of Temperature On Hydrolysis Of Cellulose (saw-dust) (706140)

Abstract   The effect of concentration of hydrochloric acid on hydrolysis of cellulose (saw-dust) to glucose was studied on this research project and the steps obtained to achieve this project involved treatment of saw-dust (cellulose) with different concentrations of the acid at constant temperature of 80° (350k) for 30mins. This was followed by glucose analysis, [...]

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The Production Of Yam Flour (140979)

Abstract   The project dealt on the production of yam flour from yam chips. The yams were peeled and washed, 100grams samples coded sample A to G were subjected to two different drying conditions. Some were dried using the sun drying method while the others were dried through oven drying method kept at constant temperature [...]

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