As it turns out, your grades are very much important after the University. A lot of people graduate from the University with the belief that their grades would no longer be of use or importance to them anymore. Unfortunately, in most cases this is wrong. I will be listing a few reasons why it is very important to maintain a high grade in the University. Especially in a country like Nigeria


1.   Your Grades determine your Pay

In various establishments, your pay is determined by your grade in the University. Some establishments have various tiers of pay, which is determined by qualification, grade, experience and other factors. Someone with a First class, for example, may earn far higher than someone with a Lower grade.

2.  High Grades can secure you interviews when you don’t have any working experience (fresh out of school).

In the mind of an employer, grades are seen as a measure of how hardworking and intelligent a candidate is. It’s no surprise most Job offers always demand candidates with First class or Second class Upper.

3.  Grades help secure admission and sometimes scholarships for Specialized Programs and studies

Students who further their studies or participate in specialized programs always strive hard to get great grades, in preparation for the next phase. In some cases, scholarships are given to higher performing scholars


4.   Research oriented career

If you plan to go into a research-oriented career/industry after school, chances are that your grades determine IF you will be accepted or not