Here in Nigeria, and the world at large, it is often common to make the wrong choice of University, either for study or as a selection for a child, friend, relative etc. In most cases, such decision is irreversible as you either have to deal with the consequences of your choice or you have to start all over. I will be giving you some warning signs to note, which will guide you in making a decision about picking the right University


  1. Brochures, website pictures and other forms of publication only depict the same one or two buildings or views on campus.
    This is quite hard to notice. With proper observation, if you notice that printouts and publications advertising the institution only show a certain view of the campus, its a very probable sign that the other parts of the campus are in pretty bad state. This could also be a warning that the institution is lacking in infrastructure
  2. If they cycle through lecturers and staff too soon
    Lecturers and staff usually stay at any conducive institution for years. If otherwise, it is a good indicator that the institution has a bit of toxic or dysfunctional culture. This could really have an overall negative impact.
  3. Profit Driven
    Yes, it is very common for profit to be the driving factor for most institutions and schools. But if profit is the only priority then that might be a problem. For example, profit-only minded universities tend to spend more on advertising and other activities aimed at driving enrollment high, without really devoting resources to actually impacting on the students already enroled, by means of provision of amenities, equipments, and materials for practical experience etc
  4. Private + Unknown
    Nothing wrong with enrolling at a private University, but Private + Unknown = Error
    This is a major warning Sign. If the University is a privately owned institution, but it is unknown to people outside the state/area, chances are that it’s not worth it.
  5. Accreditation
    This can not be over-emphasized.  If the institution has a lot of non-accredited programs then it is not advisable. Chances are that you may run into issues with National Universities Commision (NUC) in future, or your degree may be worthless
  6. Also worth mentioning, A well-designed website
    This an indicator of how organized and professional the other University infrastructure is.
    If it looks like it was designed by a 10-year-old, using Microsoft Frontpage, then there is a problem
    Also, if the information on the website were badly presented or hard to locate, this might also be an indicator of how unorderly the institution operates