Sometimes it requires more than just getting a good Project Topic, to get approval for your Project. Most students fail to understand that there are guidelines to ensuring that his / her Project Topic gets approval.

If you find yourself in that situation, then we have good news for you. Just ensure to follow the listed guidelines below, to ensure your Project Topics gets approved


  1. Pick a good Project Topic; Most students fail to pick relevant / Practical Project Topics that captivates the interest of their Project Supervisor. Don’t opt for a boring / old fashioned / cliche Project Topic. Most times, to get immediate approval, students are required to  first carry out research on hot topics / areas of key interest
  2. Don’t Pick an area your supervisor has seen a lot of times; This cannot be over-emphasized. sometimes with a little digging around, you can come up with fresh new grounds to be explored. Rather than repeating the same old Topics over and over to your supervisor.
  3. Pick Project Topics that are related to your area of study; This is a very important, so as to enable you carry out the research properly
  4. Topic with good problem statement; whatsoever topic you pick, ensure that it has a good problem statement. ie there must be a valid reason for the research. Your supervisor would be very interested in the problem, and the angle at which it is addressed
  5. Cultivate a good inter personal relationship with your supervisor; Being in good terms with your project supervisor can go a long way in fostering approval for your Project Topic. Sometimes, all it takes is a good chat with him / her about your subject matter
  6. Availability of Project Material; Asides all the above points, as  researcher, you must ensure that there is availability of materials / data etc. so as to aid you in your research. In order to avoid delays or problems. This is by far the most important point of all. ( is your ultimate source for Project topics and Project Materials)