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 Automated clearance system is a research work that will help build an effective information management for schools. It is aimed at developing a system for making fee clearance after school work. Due to the problems of the manual system which encompasses movement of students ups and downs, loss of vital data by rodents and pest, absent of personnel in offices and late result computing. The new system will serve as a more reliable and effective means of undertaking students clearance remove all forms of delay and stress as well as enable you understand the procedure involved as well as how to do your departmental clearance. The project made use of data collected from the university, materials and journals from various authors and software was developed to effectively achieve the aim of this project. In this project the implementation is carried out with PHP, MYSQL as the database. In conclusion it will meet all the objectives and it will be recommended for all the departments in Caritas University and other tertiary institution.

Bank: GTBank
Account Name: Prince Orafu
Account Number: 0109980866

Bank: Diamond Bank
Account Name: Prince Orafu
Account Number: 0065070861

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