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Nutritional Knowledge And Practices Among Expectant Mothers (665E1A)

The interaction between a pregnant mother and her developing baby are numerous and varied ranging from the food she eats to the kicks of the baby that she feels. What the developing baby feeds on goes a long way in determining its state of health at birth. For a pregnant mother to eat healthfully, she [...]

By |November 15th, 2016|Public Health / Parasitology and Entomology|0 Comments

Management Of Industrial Conflict In Nigerian Tertiary Institutions (a Study Of Institute Of Management And Technology, Enugu (7B2345)

The broad objective of this work is to Appraise Industrial conflict in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions with a particular reference to Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu. The study investigated the causes and management of Industrial conflict in the institution and how such conflicts are managed by labour and management. The study employed the survey research [...]

By |November 15th, 2016|Public Administration|0 Comments

Optical And Structural Properties Of Copper Aluminum Diselenide (cualse2) Compound Thin Films (368545)

A low cost chemical bath deposition technique has been used for the preparation of Copper aluminum diselenide (CuAlSe2) thin films onto commercial microscope glass substrates. The values of deposition parameters were varied such as temperature (50-70oC), deposition time (12 – 60hrs), volume of complexiing agent (1-9ml) and bath pH (8.35 – 10.10) to obtain good [...]

By |November 15th, 2016|Physics|0 Comments

A Survey Of Open Larval Habitats Of Mosquitoes (C445C1)

Larval survey of open habitats of mosquitoes was carried out in Awka, Isiagu, Nibo and Umuawulu communities in Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State. The study was carried out from May-July 2011 during the wet season and December 2011-February 2012 in the dry season. The collection of larvae of mosquitoes was done using [...]

By |November 4th, 2016|Public Health / Parasitology and Entomology|0 Comments

The Effect Of Organizational Culture On Workers’ Effectiveness (9A134C)

The study examined the effect of organizational culture on workers’ effectiveness. One hundred workers participated were 30 are males and 70 females. Their ages ranged between 20 -55 years with a mean age of 26 and SD of 3.24 and cuts across both male and female gender. The instruments used were a self structure questionnaire [...]

By |November 4th, 2016|Psychology|0 Comments

Dilemma Of Medically Assisted Procreation A Philosophical Study (E0CCFF)

Before the advent of Reproductive Technology, it was witnessed that for many couples the issue of conceiving is achieved so easily. But experience testifies that a substantial number of couples would love to conceiving a child and experience the joy of parenthood, but their aspirations end in frustration. This kind of loss of hope is [...]

By |November 4th, 2016|Psychology|0 Comments

Civil Disobedience In Mahatma Gandhi An Ethical Evaluation (414517)

The question of what constitutes civil disobedience and its justification has been a problem in philosophy. Civil disobedience has been confused with so many other acts of disobedience; like, rebellion, and revolutionary moves. Civil disobedience can be distinguished from all these acts by its appeal to conscience and its method. The question of conscience is [...]

By |November 4th, 2016|Philosophy|0 Comments

A.j. Ayer And The Elimination Of Metaphysics (31BAB5)

A.J Ayer a logical positivist and indeed at all his fellow logical positivists were moved by the achievements and clarities in science and as it were, they moved to bring these achievements and clarities in science into philosophy. They believed that there are ambiguities and confusion in philosophical languages and that such ambiguities and confusions [...]

By |November 4th, 2016|Philosophy|0 Comments

An Evaluation Of The Use Of Public Relations (EAB232)

Despite the crucial role of public relations (PR) in corporate promotion, some large corporate organizations still do not use PR in pursuit of their corporate objectives. This research sought to find out the extent to which corporate organizations in Owerri Imo State use PR in pursing their corporate objectives, as well as to identify the [...]

By |November 3rd, 2016|Mass Communication|0 Comments

Between Principals Financial Management Strategies And Teachers Task Performance In Secondary Schools (E56C09).doc

This study investigated the relationship between principals’ financial management strategies and teachers’ task performance in secondary schools in Onitsha Education Zone. Guided by three research questions and three null hypotheses. Two questionnares-How principals provide fund questionnaire (HPPFQ) and the principals’ rate on level of teachers’ task performance questionnaire (PRLTPQ) were used to collect the data. [...]

By |November 3rd, 2016|Management and Policy|0 Comments
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