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Omenxkq was the first classical meaningful Igbo novel to emerge in the annals of the developmental history of Igbo literary works. The problem of this study is that this new generation is not casting mind to life in the past due to modernaization. The objective of this study, therefore, is to bring to focus the typical traditional life as lived in the early traditional days, taking Nwana’s chief character, Omenuko, as provided from the novel, Omenuko as example. The study adopted a survey method by interviewing two hundred and fifty (250) elderly men and women who in the interest of this work and who as far as this study is concerned are the interest group and stakeholders, using random sampling. The subject matter was x-rayed from five angles – the general traditional atmosphere of Igbo society in olden days, the analysis of the story as told in Omenuko, the exposition of traditional life and times of Igbo people in the olden days as presented in Omenuko, Omenuko, the typical traditional man as portrayed in Omenuko, the comparison between the old and the new order. Findings were made and they are; (1) Omenuko was a typical traditional man who did not give up easily; he exploited every situation to his advantage. (2) It was also discovered that the yardstick for measuring the wealth of a man is through his number of wives and children. (3) In the olden days, titles were conferred on men of reputable character based solely on merit. The study comes up with the conclusion that Omenuko brings back to life the Igbo traditional life and times which lays the foundation to the development of creative literary works in Igbo literature.

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