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The topic of this research work is “An Examination into the factors that impair the implementation of policies in the public service of Enugu State. “A Case Study of Enugu State Civil Service Commission”

In pursuance for this investigation, four research objectives were formulated. The Objectives include:

(i)         The examination of the public service and its role in policy formulation and             implementation.

(ii)        To determine the extent of implementation of formulated policies by the civil service.

(iii)       To identify the problems/factors that impairs the implementation of government policies in the public service.

(iv)       To make recommendations that will prevent improper implementation of government policies.

The researcher utilized the library and sample survey techniques. The sample size was statistically determined to be sixty nine (69) respondents. The data were gathered mainly through questionnaires, interviews and observation. The questionnaires were administrated to the sixty-nine respondents, to analyze the data collected. The researchers used simple percentage ratios as well as pie charts.

Based on the analysis, the following findings were made:

i.          That government sometimes constitutes bottleneck in policy formulation and implementation.

ii.         Red-tapism, hap-hazardness, recklessness and political instability have not allowed the smooth formulation and implementation of policies.

iii.        The objectives of policies are not always taken into consideration during the implementation.

Based on these findings, the researcher recommended among other that efforts should be made to ensure strict monitoring of policies through a well articulated feed-back system: Again it was recommended that political stability would reverse the present trend of events in the state civil service whereby policies are implemented hap-harzardly and most often abandoned entirely when new administrations take over the government.

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