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The Igbo speaking people are well known for Palm Oil production and processing in Nigeria. This occupation is one of the lucrative ventures among other trades or occupations for which the Igbo man express himself. With the recent technological advancement in the method of production and processing of palm oil, more English terms that do not exist in the Igbo language create communication problems. It is expected that Igbo farmers of South Eastern Nigeria be equipped with the Igbo equivalents of both the new and old terms involved in this venture for a balanced and free flow of communication. To achieve this objective, the technical terms involved in palm oil production and unit operations are documented (translated) from the English to Igbo language with the aid of different translation techniques. Method employed is a survey research. For data collection and reference purposes, previous theoretical and empirical literatures related to the study are reviewed. Data was also collected from five states of the South Eastern Nigeria, namely: Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Imo, and Ebonyi state respectively. An unstructured oral interview was employed to collect data from a sample of seventy-five (75) respondents who are staff members of palm oil processing units and teachers of Agricultural Science in schools. Findings of the study indicate that some English terms have no Igbo equivalents, which calls for the documentation of terms in this area. Again, some mediocre translators create terms indiscriminately without following the morphological rules involved in the process thereby making it difficult to comprehend. Moreso; some terms do not have its equivalents in the target language (Igbo). Based on these findings, it is recommended that the federal government of Nigeria should give the needed support for research development; the mass media should help in making newly created terms popular; translators involved in terminology should register with international organizations for unification of terminological neologism, etc. This research will be of great importance to farmers of palm oil production and processing, teachers and students in the area of study, the mass media and the general public for free flow of communication. The study was concluded based on the findings with summary, conclusion and suggestion for further studies.

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