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This study sought to ascertain the ICT competencies possessed by polytechnic OTM lecturers in the south eastern state of Nigeria. Five research questions were answered and five hypotheses tested. A total of 122 OTM lecturers in the seven government owned polytechnics in the south eastern states of Nigeria made up the population of the study and the population formed the sample for the study. The research instrument was a structured questionnaire titled “ICT Competencies Possessed by polytechnic office technology and management (OTM) Lecturers. Four experts validated the instrument and a reliability test using Pearson product moment correlation coefficient yielded a reliability coefficient of 0.88. Mean rating was used to answer the research questions and t-test was used to test the hypotheses. Major findings included that majority of polytechnic OTM lecturers in the south eastern state in Nigeria had a moderate level of competence in word processing, spreadsheet and database management. Their level of competence in desktop publishing and web page design was low. The results revealed that male and female polytechnic OTM lecturers do not differ significantly in their mean ratings on the level of competence they possess in word processing, DTP, DBMS, and web page design applications. To encourage the acquisition of ICT competence by OTM lecturers, it was recommended that polytechnic management and the academic staff union of polytechnics (ASUP) should organize seminars and conferences to intimate OTM lecturers more on office application packages especially desktop and web page design. Any programme that does not meet the standard set by the Board (NBTE) as regards the right caliber of academic staffing in ICT should not be allowed to graduate students in the programme, ND and HND, as the case may be.

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