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This dissertation carries out an indepth study of the traditional communal way of life of the Africans called African communalism with emphasis on the place of the individual rights and freedom within it. To achieve this objective the researcher focused attention on articulating answers to the following fundamental questions; how the African understands, interprets and applies the concepts of freedom, individual and community; where the freedom of the individual ends and where the authority of the community begins in African communalism; how the rights and freedom of the individual protected in relation to the supremacy of the common good over that of the individual? And how the above can be applied and made relevant to contemporary African society. The methods of analysis, deduction and evaluation were applied to distill from the available literature on African communalism and other aspects of African community life relevant to our study, and the philosophical imports therein. The findings are, on a modern African society that can afford a better opportunity for the proper realization of the dignity and self identity of the individual as well as the communal integrity and development of the contemporary African society.

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