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Gossypium hirsutum leaf was screened for phytochemical composition and antifungal activity on Aspergilus sp, Fusarium sp and Candida sp. The leaves of the plant was collected, identified, washed, air-dried and milled to powder. 40g of the powder was macerated with 250ml of solvents (petroleum ether and chloroform respectively). The extract obtained was concentrated and various dilutions (100mg/ml, 300mg/ml and 500mg/ml) prepared. These concentrations were tested against standard inoculum of the test organism using agar-gel dilution method. Result show that alkaloids (++), Flavonoids (++), Glycosides (+), Steroids (++), Tannins (+) Saponins and Triterpenes were absent. Antifungal activity revealed that 500mg/ml of chloroform extract gave the highest zone of inhibition of 17mm against Fusarium followed by 15mm against Aspergillus. Extract obtained from petroleum ether at 500mg/ml gave 17mm zone of inhibition against candida while 100mg/ml gave the least zone of inhibition of 4mm against Candida. This shows that G.

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